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S.A.M. doodle 1
S.A.M. doodle 2
S.A.M. doodle 3
S.A.M. doodle 4
S.A.M. doodle 5
S.A.M. doodle 6
S.A.M. doodle 7
S.A.M. doodle 8

yall im just going to do a straight up battle robot webcomic. its going to be like 5 issues, 22 pages each, the last one being a double explosion with 44. originally i was going to do an x-men fan comic but i just got too worried with copyright and bullshit, so i took the framework of that story i had, and put it in the future america (21XX, love megamannnn) and stuck robots in there.

its going to be about the aftermath of the gold rush, museum openings, magnet trains, holograms, pregnancy, entrepreneurs, repairs (on both robots, and maybe some hearts!) and manipulation! i blurred out the notes because they are REAL DUMB.

im coloring away on merrilynn, and thumbnailing away at v'ger! college is done and i have no life plans set!